The HLT Transcatheter Valve System

The HLT Transcatheter Valve System is intended to provide natural valve function with precise delivery for greater flexibility, procedural control with a delivery system that allows the valve to be fully repositioned and retrieved for optimal implant position.

The Meridian® Valve

The Meridian® Valve is designed as a third-generation technology. The valve is intended to be positioned and perform similar to a surgical valve with the ability to be implanted with a transcatheter approach.

The Meridian® Valve is engineered to provide several intended benefits to both physicians and patients:

Flexible wire form, isolated from the outer support structure, reduces tissue stress

The Meridian® Valve leaflets are porcine, pericardial tissue mounted on a wire form that flexes throughout the cardiac cycle. This design is intended to support leaflet motion and reduce tissue stress. The wire form, independent of the outer support structure is also intended to allow the leaflets to maintain a circular geometry, preserving the flow area even in an eccentric, diseased annulus.

Intra-annular valve designed to avoid surrounding cardiac structures

When implanted at the annular level, the device is designed to avoid surrounding cardiac structures such as the mitral valve and coronary ostia.


The Pathfinder® Delivery System

This 18F System is intended to provide control during vessel navigation, annular positioning and the final valve inversion phase. Physicians can assess performance while the valve is fully functional and prior to final valve connector release.