Understanding Physicians’ Needs

At HLT, we strive to work closely with our physician partners to understand their procedural needs and to improve clinical outcomes with transcatheter valve therapies.

Optimizing implant position

Transcatheter valve therapy is gaining broader clinical acceptance, yet opportunities remain in valve design and procedural advancement, particularly optimizing implant position. Our goal is to provide the flexibility and control for the best possible transcatheter aortic valve replacement — based on the uniqueness of each patient with aortic stenosis.

Conforming to the native anatomy

The Meridian® Valve is designed to conform to the native anatomy with intra-annular placement and flexible, commissural support of the leaflets. These features are intended to reduce stress and extend durability.

The Meridian® Valve and Pathfinder® Delivery System are intended to provide:

  • An intra-annular implant that avoids surrounding cardiac structures.
  • A valve that is repositionable after initial deployment to optimize implant position.
  • A system that is fully retrievable after complete valve deployment but prior to valve release.
  • An true 18F (outer diameter) delivery system compatible with an 18F introducer.

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